Love Story

“So it is really weird to just annually revisit that day, and call it celebrating your birthday. Embrace yourself for the truth. Why we do that is because we need an excuse. See, we are all shy – it might be a Singaporean thing. We need excuses to say how good, gifted, blessed and loved you are. So we picked that fateful day you were born to do so… So when we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY we mean something else. We mean thank you. And we mean we love you… We therefore thank God for giving us the 14th of November, so that each year we will have an excuse to tell you all this.”

– Kor, Cover page of my 21st birthday book

(I think my brother meant “Brace yourself…”, rather than “Embrace yourself…” Just saying.)

I sometimes wonder when the love story began. And what I did to be part of it. But then a wiser thought strikes me – I shouldn’t bother about these things. Not because they don’t matter, not even because they don’t exist; but because they exist perpetually, happening again and again.


To all (the photos are sorely lacking) who contributed to the loveee – thanks guys. I love y’all very much <3


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