Gasps. I wonder if exercise is becoming my new opiate. Because where even Arabian myths [1] cannot quell the tremors of the heart, a night run does. Or maybe exercise just exhausts it. That’s quite possible, considering my cui fitness. But really. Me? Exercise? Laughs.

But yes. I’ve been restless. I thought the rosary novena that I offered for AYD would kick-start my spiritual life. It sorta did I guess. But certain things happened and. Bah. I have only myself to blame – for eating the forbidden fruit [2].

It’s rather strange. I don’t have the pre-exam excitement that I usually have – of making post-exam plans and filling my calendar until before I know it, it’s too full. Maybe it’s cos I’m already going to Switzerland with my mum [3]. Or maybe it’s the knowledge that I’ll be going into ILP mode after exams ._. now that’s seriously quite a depressing thought. On a lighter note, I’ve got my hands on some nice movies :D and I hope to finish the Artemis Fowl series and Avatar: The Last Airbender yayyyyy.


[1] Feast your eyes on a tome of wonder and magic, of ifrits and jinnis, of mamelukes and harems, of caliphs and empires. Oh, and did I mention that it has gold-sided pages, is hardcover, and has its own bookmark <3 #atasbooks


[2] It’s an injustice to apples – that the paintings always characterize the fruit as an apple. Apples are so sweet and innocent. They’re my favourite snack. I eat an average of 4 per day.

[3] Update: I’ll be going to Switzerland with my mum from 28th Nov – 3rd Dec.



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