Switzerland 3: Once upon a time in Berne

The City of Fairytales.


It’s easy to see why, with its plethora of mythical sculptures spread throughout the city. You can just imagine all these creatures hopping off their pedestals at night to dance with each other and engage in wild passions, charming and reckless as demigods are.

Even the Oracle is here. Come on, that’s just too epic (though a bit anachronistic).


I particularly like this picture of me sitting beneath Justicia. Imagine that: a lawyer at the feet of justice. Ha! You can see why it’s a myth.


And to top it off, the Swiss really like their dogs. They take them everywhere – to the streets, the shopping malls, even the trains. Maybe they guard against the fairies lol.

IMG_1257 IMG_1184 IMG_1265


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