Mesa (Read: Nerf Wars)

mesa |ˈmeɪsə|noun – an isolated flat-topped hill with steep sides, found in landscapes with horizontal strata.

Some moments are special. Some are deep, and some are high. The Gossamer ones are a deep kind. And then there’s this other kind – the kind that waterbombs@tavistock was made of.

It was one of these high moments when 14 of us had a Nerf War. Some of us already had our own guns. Some of us went out the previous day just to get it. Then we came together, set up obstacles, and played team death matches, capture the flags, zombiemodes and king of the hills.

Perhaps it was how childishlike it was. Perhaps it was the carthasis of pent-up aggression and anger (though I’d give the Bruce Banner reply to that (no I’m just kidding)). Perhaps it was the sheer fun. It was the highlight of the last holiday. It was high.

And it’s the highness that grounds you, and recharges and refuels and rejuvenates. It helps you to centre yourself on reality, to remind yourself and to rediscover that hey, reality can be pretty awesome too. It’s a mesa moment.

I’m almost afraid to play again. As if repetition will ruin the magic of this moment, might somehow make it less epic, less wondrous.

But I probably will. Last time was just too much fun not to.



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