久しぶりですね。It’s been a while. Actually, it’s only been a week. But we missed sharing on Friday. And I don’t seem to be around much. So I thought I’d do a general update to break the radio silence, and to reflect on the past happenings too. In chronological order then.

Tues – Friends & Familiarity

Shang, Posef, Ivan and I met for supper on Tuesday. We reached the Siglap HK Cafe around 11.30. I had badminton earlier; Ivan had an 8am class the next morning. And Posef neglected to mention that he had a car. We chatted, caught up, and swapped stories. It was a breath of (old and still very good) fresh air. I reached home filled with warm fuzzy feelings. Hearthfire-warm feelings. <3

Fri – Not attending the Ordination

I was afraid of the crowd. I shudder when I remember the WYD crowd – the mob massing, shifting, pressing all around – and how I wanted so badly to just sit down on the floor after an event and not look up until the mass of bodies had dissipated. That memory repulses me from all future big-once-in-a-lifetime-esque events. It’s a little sad, but not attending is the lesser of two evils.

In contrast, I had some enjoyable alone time. Sometimes, these breaks in routine just to be on my own seem like a gift. They’re so rare. And so precious. I spent the time doing Space, an hour cycling with dad, and squandered a large part of the night watching anime. That, I confess, was quite an abuse of the solitude-privilege.

Sat – Jessups & the Christian Conference

Everyone knows that it had to happen sometime. It’s just sad that it happened in our year. And so there was defeat. But there was also valiance and valour, tenacity and fortitude, wit and brilliance. And most of all, there was inspiration. The Four are an inspiration to us all.

The Christian Conference was also rather inspiring. First year associates running charities. Respect.

Sun – Meeting & Meetings

7am mass. 9am sec 1 camp session presenters meeting. 10.30am LoG core meeting. 1.30pm AGM followup session. 3pm 1Cor12 leadership meeting.

They don’t melt in your mouth, nor in your hands.

The 店小二 dinner at the end of the day was good :D

Recess Week – Busier

I’m probably going to school everyday. It’s not a ‘go to school for lessons then head home’, but more of a ‘head to school early in the morning and spend the whole day there mugging so that I can be more efficient’ kinda thing.

Which is depressing for a recess week. Sighs. Moots. 2 of them in fact – Space and ACLP – both have submissions due on Friday. They constitute a defence to the crime; they are an element of the crime.

TLDR – Stocktaking

Things get a bit wearying I guess. The usual wellsprings of passion and energy that I draw from seem to be running dry. I suspect it’s God’s way of reminding me to drink only living water. Praying in the morning does help. But I do think I’m in some kind of desert – one that I’m only starting to realize I’m caught in.

A desert is a soft place – a place where things are yet unformed and unmade – like twilights and midnights. The in-between spaces. (I love the idea of spaces; I shall write a post about it one day.)

And I’m beginning to think about my Year 4. My final year as a student; I intend to study as little as possible. I shall travel, take ECAs, do non-law mods, maybe a DR, write, and write some more. I have to plan early. So that when the future comes, I can live fully in the present. At least, that’s the plan for now. But now’s the time for Lent. While we might only live once, we die many times – to ourselves, for others, hopefully, rather than vice versa.

That’s enough oxymorons for 1 paragraph.



To think that we might actually become relevant. Before 70! Imagine that.

Oh 14th March, do hasten. My books, movies, nerfwars, boardgames and meetups chafe at your imposing impending-ness.


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