Small Rebellions

“If our days could be filled with small rebellions, senseless brutal acts of kindness from us all.”

Small Rebellions, Jars of Clay

When El came in to drop the bombshell on our memo (again), my world would have shattered (again too).

But this week, I told myself that this moot is just another event in my life. And I refuse to let this damn moot (just one mere event) rule my life and my emotions. Hence, I attended BTC mass today. And I also went for badminton training. And I started watching HunterXHunter2011 and Person of Interest (ok these might be just indulgent).

So I will not moan about coaches’ criticisms. Or even publicize it. Because this is all just in the course of law school ILP life.

I’m not that arrogant as to dismiss El’s comments. Or that inconsiderate as to not bother about my teammates (who seem to have nothing better to do apart from the bloody memo). There’s work to be done; and it’s a lot. I’m looking at a possible stayover in school.

But I’ll take it in stride. And keep my priorities clear. It’s just another deadline, just another submission, just another mere event. I refuse to let this damn moot rule my life.


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