The Last Stretch (before we actually begin).

We left school at 11.30PM the night before our memo was due. We received comments at 6.30PM; I skipped my evening class. I told Soo not to count on having transport back after class, which ended at 9.30PM. He didn’t.

I sent my teammate back after we left school. Then I made my way home after getting mildly lost at Novena. Along Upper Serangoon Road, the thought occurred to me – maybe I should ado. It’s just a straight road after all. And so I did. I reached home at 1AM. I slept around 1.30.

I woke up at 4.30AM. Without an alarm clock. My teammate had just finished editing her memo a while ago and had gone to sleep, so I could take over editing. I headed to school around 9.30AM.

The day the memo ended itself was mostly uneventful. We were largely just proofreading and completing citations. The deadline was 7.59PM. We aimed to submit at 6PM.

At around 7PM, we began making final edits and saves. I was the one responsible for finding out how to clear metadata from the documents. It’s a simple application in MS-Word. I followed the steps to remove the metadata from the Word documents. Then I converted them to PDF. The PDF documents’ author was “MeL”. At 7.40PM.

We tried finding people from other moot competitions to help. We tried downloading Adobe. We tried sending the documents to each other.

One of us eventually managed to remove the metadata. We uploaded the documents on Dropbox. We waited for them to sync. We realized one document still had a highlighted portion. We edited it, and repeated the whole PDF-metadata-Dropbox-sync process.

We sent off the email at 7.57PM.

Long minutes after it was all over, I could still feel the micro-shudders running along my spine and my neck. I don’t think I had ever been that stressed before. Not even before delivering a session, or a moot competition.

Somehow, sometime, somewhere, all the time, everywhere, God was in that mess.

Praise God that it has all ended. It’s time to begin again.


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