The One with the Good Chat

Paul, Ben, Tsui, Jes and I swapped childhood stories over cold sweet desserts – of Chinese teachers and caning, best friends and  bullying, giggling girls and gym. It made me a little pensive.

Memories burn bright in my past. I discover that bus tickets are the perfect size to roll up into paper pellets. I instigate the Chalkpowder War. I call Wen everyday to check answers for homework. Pepsi-Cola becomes a sport, replete with team strategy and individual techniques. Chapteh is an artform; it is about winning and looking cool while at it. F4 forms and we hit the theatres thrice a week. Ben and I discuss about freedom, truth, beauty and other high-fallutin’ ideas. (At this point, Tsui is only P6 O.o)

Here comes the trite declaration then: Oh, the halcyon days of youth. But I guess I say this a little more prospectively than retrospectively, more to remind than to reminisce.

This week has probably been my most stress-free and relaxed week in the semester. Exam periods do that for me; I enjoy the peace that the exam period brings. There is only one direction, one goal, one objective to move towards. All other distractions fall away. And that kind of freedom to focus seems like an increasingly rare luxury in my multi-colored calendar.

There is mugging to do. Perhaps I’ll begin to stress next week. And always, always, at least until the 3rd June, there is the looming presence of the Space Moots.

But I’ll take a leaf out of Gaiman’s book: Tomorrow may be hell. But today we had a good chat. And on the days with the good chats, nothing else matters.


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