Space (spoken word)

**Watch the spoken word video.**

(to be read aloud)

In the Beginning, God created the World. He separated the Heavens from the Earth and the vast expanse of in-between, we call it Space. Eternity and infinity resides in the emptiness of Space. So do Asgard and astronauts for that matter.

Outer Space. The final frontier of the human race: filled with the unknown and the darkness and the stars and the rings of Saturn and the rainbow gases of Jupiter.

It is a race – a race to exploit, a race to appropriate. Good morning, Your Excellencies, and may it please the court, this case concerns a space shuttle and a Moon facility. The responsibility and the liability. Who is the launching State?, everyone asks. But no one ever asks about the state of the launch – uninitiated, unreleased, unquenched – the tension, the desire, the need – to fly, to explore, to seek.

“Go”, He says, “and I will teach you what you are to speak.” I sit opposite El and her panel. The right words come just at the right moment, like a gnostic revelation. I moot before El and eight other judges. It’s the best moot of my life.

El Shaddai, El Shaddai, El-Elyon na Adonai. God Almighty, God Most High.

It is in the quiet spaces that I feel Him most. In the Adoration Room, of course. But also, in the Sagrada Familia and the Sistine Chapel. In Weekday Mass and Night Prayer In My Room. Perhaps feeling and finding God has less to do with a place, than it does with the very act of carving out a space – to meet Him face to face.

Or maybe it is about having personal space – away from the crowd and the cacophony, the rushed and the rowdy. To swim, to run, to breathe – 6 days a week I did – to find some space by setting a pace.

Where the personal ends, the interpersonal begins. Like studying with friends. We enter into each other’s spaces, throw snacks around, make fun of the Constitution and cover more ground. Or perhaps we cover less. But we cover it with each other. And in every friendship, in every connection between persons, God is present.

He is present in the spaces between. Because that’s where the magic happens. Between the pledge and the turn. Between the Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit proceeds. Between the husband and the wife, new life conceives. Between the squash game and the going home, the good chat succeeds.

And Community – a labyrinth of in-beteweens – this space we share, the dreams we dare, our hearts we bare. This is the dream of our dream, where the heart of our heart resides in a place of a place called home. This is the Kingdom and the vision and the hope for our infinity and our eternity. For our Infinite God is in the infinity. Our Eternal God is in the eternity.

God is in space.


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