1-2: Re-entry


We didn’t make it through the prelims. We didn’t clinch any prize. I’m disappointed, of course. Less with myself and the team’s performance. I think we put up a good show. But more with letting our coaches and NUS’s illustrious history in the Space Moots down.

The Applicant round (Kristi & I) went unquestioned all the way till the end. The Respondent (Kristi & Zhi Feng) round went much more normally. Some part of me (perhaps the more egoistic part) chafed at not having the opportunity to prove my mettle. But that part got quickly subjugated by the memories of the process itself – the manymany moot practices that brought more valuable insight than any single competition round could ever hope to bring. I don’t think I’m ready to say “it was all worth it” yet. But I can safely say that the process definitely outweighed the end result. And that is no small consolation I guess.

The Space Moots ended with a ‘Gala Dinner’. It was actually more of a cafe thing, with people standing around drinking the free-flow of alcohol (and juice).

Essentially, it was precisely the kind of thing that terrifies me.

I did talk to some people; I tried to make the best out of this whole international experience thing. But mostly, I alternated between standing awkwardly at a corner and going outside the cafe to sit by myself. And when the time finally came, I excused myself, informed my teammates and left escaped for Mass.

Mass was significant in 2 ways – (1) it’s the first time I’m really traveling alone in a foreign country; (2) it was the true end of the Space Moots (for me).

To those who have taken my car before, you know I’m helpless at directions. So though the station was merely a few stops away, it felt like an odyssey – asking for directions, not knowing if I was in the right train or the right direction, not sure if I’d remember the way back or even find the place. So when I reached the Church, it felt like a pilgrimage. It also felt like coming home.

Because, now, I’ve really come full orbit. This began with grace; it’s only right that it should end with grace.



One thought on “1-2: Re-entry

  1. I couldn’t help but laugh at your inner thoughts of THAT kind of social interaction. Completely identify, I feel that way based on my mood or if I drank. Lol.

    Anyway congratulations on a courageous and faith-filled journey that you took. I am sure the graces of this will continue to manifest over the years=)

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