5-6: Countryside & Cuisine

“This place has a laid-back charm. It doesn’t even try to be a city.” – Posef


Even in Naha, the capital of Okinawa, there was already a easy-going-ness that pervaded the busiest shopping street. There is one monorail that goes through Naha. Everywhere else in Okinawa, you travel by bus.

We left Naha for Onna on Wednesday.

Onna is so untouched by tourists that WikiTravel and Lonely Planet have yet to have links for it. Only 2 buses pass by this town; they both take pretty much the same routes. When we arrived at our hostel, the hostel owner seemed mildly bewildered that we arrived at all. He then gave us the impression (in the way that Japanese have a talent for saying things without really saying it) that there was nothing much to do in the area at all.

Both of us, being both of us, loved the place. The fact that we had the entire hostel (read: bungalow) to ourselves definitely contributed. Then there was the mysterious modern-esque jewellery shop just around the corner (which we later discovered was a wedding anniversary shop). And of course, the single street.

We watched Tangled on Wednesday night, Underworld Awakening on Thursday night. I blogged. He talked to GF. We read our books, said our prayers, snoozed our my alarm.

Gotta love the little towns.


Ok here’s the more serious part. Okinawa has some pretty awesome food. In order of awesome-ness, here we go.

7) Tacos

Okinawa’s recent history is entangled with US military presence. Hence, tacos. Which are decent, but still fast-food. And fast-food is always ‘meh’.


6) Salted Ice Cream

Ok fine, Liu. You win.


5) Overly Orange Sashimi

Look at the color O.o


4) Okinawan (Thick) Soba

Very different from the usual cold/hot 伊面-esque Japanese soba. This is more like 幽米粉. And with a pork broth and some strong sake (in the soup itself), along with the traditional ambience, this was gooooood. 


3) Okazu

The menu called this okazu. Our receptionist just said it was suki-yaki. Whatever it’s called, it was quite yummy.


2) Chanpuru (somen)

This is like 面线. Just a lot tastier. A lot.


1) Habu Sake

The picture says it all.


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