6: Big Fishes

After 2hours and 2000JPY (S$25) of bus rides, we finally arrived at Nago and its famous Aquarium. It was like arriving in a dream.


Nago’s Aquarium is epic. It has whale sharks – three of them. You can dine next to them and get the oh-hello-there feeling everytime they pop up next to you. It also has a giant squid carcass. The more ordinary stuff include a hugeass moray eel, deep sea exhibits and manta rays. This is the stuff that boyhood-marine-biologist dreams are made of.

Ohohoh they have a mantis shrimp too! Posef theorizes that they keep the mantis shrimp in this vertical position so that it can’t punch and break the glass. Lol.


Visiting the Aquarium was the most touristy thing I’ve done in this trip. It cost, including transport, a total of 5600JPY (S$70). It was completely worth it.

We spent the rest of the day walking around Nago and exploring the beach.White sand, clean water, clear day. Perfect for camwhoring :D




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