7: Swimming with the Fishes

Inspired by the Aquarium, we promptly went to dive the next day. It was quite a basic dive at a beginner’s diving spot; it was Posef’s first time at diving and I didn’t bring my license. A young-ish guy, (who had been doing this for 20 years O.o) took us down, held onto our tanks all the way to guide us into a water cave and out again. The cave was almost pitch-black, so that was rather thrilling. Apart from that, the corals were a little bleached and we didn’t see anything that remarkable.

We probably barely scratched the surface of Okinawa’s seas. But it did quench my desire to dive, by reminding me just how much of a toll diving takes on my body. I had a headache pretty much the rest of the day. Plus there was a huge gross layer of slime on the side of my face and hair after I got out of the sea and took off my goggles. It might have came from some creature or from the sea; I suspect it came from myself (lawl).

I think I prefer the boat ride more than the actual dives. I still harbor a dream to own a jetski, or more fantastically, a Renovatio-esque boat.

<photos were taken by our guide. will upload to this post when i receive them!>


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