9-10: A Slice of Fukuokan Life


(Makes enough for two days of a holiday)

1 1/2 day of heavy drizzle

1 day of cycling around warm weather (18°C-28°C)

1 teaspoon of castle

1 teaspoon of park


1 experience of Ichiran Ramen


3 cups of shopping and other touristy stuff


2 sets of homemade breakfasts (with burnt toasts and rejected nattos)

2 bags of groceries


15 noob baseball swings (at an arcade)






1. Honestly, I don’t think I came to Fukuoka for very touristy reasons at all. It was more about staying with a friend and learning more about another lifestyle; to thin-slice what it would have been to go for exchange, since I never could experience it for myself.

2. We spent pretty much the whole of Sunday in Church. In the morning, I followed Posef to Hakata New Life Church for his service. Later in the afternoon, he followed me to a cathedral for mass.

3. We did the more touristy stuff on Monday – cycling around Fukuoka to visit (yet more) castles and parks.


And that pretty much concludes the my 5th Japan trip. Kudos to Posef for being an awesome host, making breakfasts in the morning, planning the itinerary, navigating everywhere and tolerating my hungry-grumpiness. I was a leech.

Paying it forward by sharing my room with bro’s friends in the upcoming months!


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