An Inconvenient Day

It’s terribly inconvenient being hungry at night. On one hand, most places are closed. On the other, I’m too tired and lazy to grab food from the places which aren’t.

Yesterday was pretty much an inconvenient day all around. There was a series of unfortunate, but (hopefully) inconsequential events, that frustrated me a lot more than they should have. These included losing a photo of my sister’s wedding, scolding Yi Kai till I almost got a headache, and beating 2 orange lights (one of which had a camera).

The adrenaline from badminton chased away most of the angst. So when I reached ado around 11.45pm, there was little left to keep me awake for a late-night prayer session. I nodded off a couple of times. Even the first lines of this post that floated by a brainwave could not stop me from crawling into bed the moment I got home. Which is rare.

Here’s 2 things that started today on a much better note:

1) Eggs for breakfast #awesomeauntyanula



2) Finally completing my 2012 diary.



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