Disclaimer: Any disrespect for my Prof is wholly imagined by the reader. I think his electronic cigarette is super cool, and his Lautsi v. Italy argument was brilliant. My angst is directed solely at the bloody 24hr exam. 

TOJ 24hr Exam: “… Be very precise – do not waffle or overwrite… you may also lose points for writing nonsense…”

Well, screw you too, TOJ.


There you go. God pwned you, TOJ. Muahahaha.

For some reason, this paper was so much more torturous than my 24hr ICA paper. Last year, I finished hours before the deadline. This year, it was minutes. And I did my last question so terribly that it’s embarrassing.

Oh wells. At least I have a nice set of notes, and some awesome insights. And an epic memory of an epic prof singing an epic Jewish prayer to us in an epic course.

Told you he was cool.



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