A Perfect Day…

… begins with Mass and prayer. It continues with a breakfast theological discussion about the Last Things at Macs. Then it has a little boardgaming.

A Good Day has an afternoon of running around. A Perfect Day has an afternoon of running around in the rain, getting completely soaked and sliding in the mud to catch frisbees. A Perfect Day puts the finishing touch on the afternoon with a relaxed conversation on the way home.

A Perfect Day then provides rest and recharge (for the introvert) with a hot bath, hot porridge and hot soup at home. It carries on with lying in bed to watch The Matrix Reloaded.

A Perfect Day does not have parents that abandon you for dinner because (a) they thought “I’m eating” means “I’m eating with my friends”; (b) they did not pick up their phone; and (c) they went for a foot massage. Though it does have a dinner at a cafe with Dan Brown’s Inferno.

A Perfect Day would have been ruined by a stupid headache. But Actifast (read: 仙丹) saves the Day.

A Perfect Day is always a Writing Day.


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