Kong Writes 3700 Word Fantasy as Birthday Gift

(Note: I wrote this post as a news story to practice for my Media Writing exam.)

“Happy belated birthday!” Jeslynn exclaimed, presenting the 3733 word short story to Melvyn last Sunday, Nov. 17. Justin Kong, creator of LOG’s Superpower Series, wrote the fantasy story as Mel’s birthday gift. He then passed it to Jes, who made it prettier and gave it to Mel after session ended on Sunday.

Short fantasy story written by Kong for Mel

Short fantasy story written for Mel

The story, titled This Little Light of Mine, depicts the Loggers in the Superpower Series as a team of superheroes with various superpowers. Mel (character), the protagonist clad in “scanty RJ shorts”, manipulates light and heals his friends as they battle Arkosis, the main antagonist. Amidst the epic and flashing fight scenes, Soo (character) plays Mouse Hunt, Dom (character) battle cries and Jes (character) “zi pai” with her “very long hands”.

Kong sacrificed five precious mugging hours to compose the story. Mel’s words of gratitude could hardly do justice to Kong’s generosity: “Very big thank you for the story and the bible verse :D most awesome bday present I’ve received in a while haha.”

Just when Mel thought that a pineapple, a book, two cards and a supper were awesome birthday presents, he received yet another amazing gift. It is times like these that he really wonders what he did to deserve such goodness in his life.

Birthday supper with Loggers++

Birthday supper with Loggers++

Our heart is glad in him, because we trust in his holy name.

– Psalm 33:21


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