Invitation to Treat (Eleanor Wong)

Invitation to Treat: The Eleanor Wong TrilogyInvitation to Treat: The Eleanor Wong Trilogy by Eleanor Wong

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t care that these stories are about lesbians. I don’t care if it has a gay agenda. I don’t care that it mocks church-goers. I don’t care that people will say I’m fanboying about my prof (who even without her writing, has much to be fanboyed about).

This is bloody good art and people should read it.

I wish I could watch it.

Wit is in abundance in all its various types – caustic, bitter, intellectual, lyrical. But this much is expected of lawyers. We’d be little without wit. What truly shines are the characters.

El’s characters are deeply human. Their motivations are complex and their desires are conflicted; so much so that I found myself reminiscing of OSC’s characters while reading these plays.

This was an oasis amidst law exam mugging.

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2 thoughts on “Invitation to Treat (Eleanor Wong)

  1. Ooh where did you get the play to read it from??? I wanna read! I remember first being introduced to Eleanor Wong as a TSD student at VJC. So I knew her first as a theatre writer, before a lawyer! :)

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