One Glory-Be

Quarterway upon this journey of life
I found myself in a darklit sky
Wandering the night of stars a-rife
On a quiet Friday without Leaven nigh

As I beheld galaxies ‘bove
Glimpses of lives all different and true
Tinkling in darkness’ treasure trove
While obscure is the path that I pursue

I walked on clouds of ringing praise
’Til I chanced on a vision mine eyes reflected
Saw naught of my Lord, Most Ancient of Days
And realised the road I had neglected

Lo! my penance and my trial
No decades of rosary to pray
Only to turn my back with a half-sad smile
As I wander back into the day

How sweet the night; but sweeter the light
That Pride’s chains be broken and broken again
For all things are made new through Sunday’s might
When the Word is spoken and spoken again


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