The Day before Lent

The dinner before Lent, I ate at The Naked Finn. The seafood was fresh and pure and indulgent. But I did not exactly get blown away. The price justified only a first try. I don’t think I’ll be going back again anytime soon.

The afternoon before Lent, I watched Finding Neverland (2004). It was wonderful and magical and inspiring. It made me remember that the thing I liked most about and wanted to do most with writing was to capture that eternal childlikeness and sense of wonder. #gaimanfanboy. It made me want to write something more like Peter and Alice than Invitation to Treat or any of El’s Earlier plays, regardless of how brilliant they were. I don’t know if I can.

The morning before Lent, I swam. It has been too long. I really need to get down to figuring out an exercise schedule.

Two days before Lent, we took Max out for a walk. Walking with Max, which hopefully graduates into running with Max, could become a habit. We also cleared out my wardrobe of clothes that are mouldy, clothes I don’t wear, and clothes that are too unfashionable for me to wear. #notexactlymychoice #thisisthenewme

The day before Lent, my bedtable arrived :D


#mylifeiscomplete #randombuy #totallyworthit

(This post was written on my new bedtable :D)

Today, Lent begins. For prayer: I’ll read everyday and hopefully finish the three Jesus of Nazareths. For alms-giving: I’ll do Jason’s Two Copper Coins project, including saving on cabs. For fasting: I’ll do a tech fast from Facebook and Whatsapp, using it one hour per day.

God help me.


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