Holy Week

This condensed reflection is the result of procrastination, exams and other deadlines. Mostly the former. Without further ado:


Exam mode full-on. I mugged in the SPP and churned out my Human Rights One-Week-Exam Essays. That was rather intense.

Being on exam-mode does quite a lot of wonders for me. It is my excuse to set everything else aside, centre on myself and find my own rhythm. That rhythm and that discipline makes it easier to make time for prayer and find space for God. In this case, it was morning mass and night read-praying. Whereas once the xiong period is over (like now), my schedule bows to the whims of other commitments, my to-do list and other people.

Routine is such a luxury.


Wednesday was a bonus. I had finished my HRA paper early so I spent the day playwriting, conceptualising the two TWINE characters and other random things. Here’s the breakdown of the day:

Went Soo’s house to mug #lawbros. KR Consultation. Swam. Mass. Dinner with Soo & family. Church meeting. Supper at Udders.

Maundy Thursday

I had scheduled no work for Easter Triduum. It was as if life was put on hold for church; just as well since it is vice versa most other times.

Maundy Thursday is one of my favourite days in the Liturgical Calendar. No other time do we have the freedom, the endorsement, the approval to be alone. To enter into solitude.

It is strange to be excited about solitude. I was tempted to go home and mope after that. But I decided to go for supper instead. That was a good decision.


A rather epic last class of law school.

I guess there’s some significance in having the last lesson of law school on Maundy Thursday; though I can’t be bothered to figure it out. Our last class was quite awesome. We had a simulation roleplaying various stakeholders coming together to weigh in on the formation of a new State’s intelligence agencies. We had public agendas and hidden agendas. We had random phone calls informing us that terrorist attacks had occurred while we were still in session. It was eye-opening and surprisingly pedagogically-effective.

Apart from that, the last day of law school was rather underwhelming. So is tomorrow’s last exam of law school for that matter :/

Good Friday


Playing with dry ice and soap for Jes’ bday. Also, ice cream cake on a Good Friday.

Holy Saturday




And this.

Yayyy crab treat coming :D

Easter Sunday

A few of us skipped vigil to go for Andrew’s commissioning; we went for Easter morning mass instead. So we reached late for Easter games. I would have been rather sian about games, but for the fact that Jason and Soo were in my group.

Law Bros <3

Law Bros <3

Even then, I don’t think I felt very enthusiastic and sociable at all. On the bus, I sat by myself and stared out of the window and contemplated deep and angsty thoughts.

The exception was war games <3 I love catching, war games, pepsi cola and ninja. #justsaying

We played catching at tavistock, Mel at 2 o’clock and Jason at 8, 2 people that are near the top of my list in terms of speed and agility. 

– Jes

That’s for the record :D #egoboost #misrep #sorrymrbush

So Easter is here and Lent is over. This season deserves more reflection than a mere recount but I haven’t been in a blogging mood for quite a while bleh. Suffice to say that I echo many loggers in wondering where the Easter joy in my life is. Ironically, Lent was much more peaceful.


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