Norway: Today, we are trekkers

We did two hikes in Norway – the first was to Prekeistolen; the second was to Trolltunga.

Prekeistolen (Pulpit Rock) was a chill climb with an epic end point – a steep cliff with a plateau overlooking Lysefjorden. The paths were easy, and we took 4 hours for a round trip. In return, we were treated to panoramic views and an epic lunch stop (albeit overpopulated with tourists).


And of course, we took the classic tourist photo.


Trolltunga (Troll’s Tongue) was a milestone achievement – 22km round trip, 10 hours, 900m ascent. Our destination was a Pride-Rock-lookalike hanging out of a mountain overlooking lake Ringedalsvatnet. 


To get there, we climbed up 410m in the first 1.5km via the stairwell of a funicular that no longer operates (we died here), trekked through various types of snow, scrambled over rocks, and crossed mini-streams.


By the time we walked down the funicular stairs at 9PM, my knees were wobbling at every step. I thought we deserved an award. But a hot pot of maggi mee would equally suffice.


Of course, things were a walk in the park for our navigator-leader-motivator-rinjaniclimber Yip.

2014-06-08 12_Fotor_Collage_Fotor


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