My first combined Catechism session

I praise God for the first combined Catechism session that I did today. It was a session on ‘Finding God in the Holidays‘. I made 3 points:

  1. Thin places are places that heaven and earth come closer;
  2. We stumble upon thin places by being humble; and
  3. The space before the Eucharist is the thinnest place.

I shared about whales and fjords and Xavier de Maistre’s bedroom (though the picture was of my bed). I also shared about the Old Testament veil and Scott Hahn’s ‘Mass as Heaven on Earth’. I ended by challenging them to find a thin place this holiday.

It has been a while since I felt so excited while planning for a session. At one level, this session is a culmination of two epic holidays, and I really wanted to share those experiences. At another, inspiring kids with wonder is exactly what I wanted to do. I don’t just want to teach; I want to inspire people to hold on to the idea that this life is more than the ordinary and has more than the prosaic. Which is why I entered catechism: to journey with kids through the years that they lose sight of that idea.

So when the kids wow-ed at the Norway and Tonga pictures, I felt really happy. I don’t know if they understood the deeper ideas of seeing beyond the smallness of our lives, and of the veil separating God from Man being torn again and again at Mass. Learning about Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development yesterday makes me doubt how much of a teenager’s character catechism can form. Regardless, I came closer to what I feel called to do than I have ever been in a while. And that is grace.

I was completely exhausted though. Delivery-wise, I felt myself pouring out my energy to restrain theirs and to keep the chaos in check. Preparation-wise, I spent at least 6 hours. I’m being transferred to a new class, which I’m really glad about, because that class made me consider joining Catechism in the first place. But I am replacing that class’ anchor catechist, which is really shag. I don’t know how I am going to do this every week, with work and all.

I hope to find an easier way to do this. Or I hope this gets easier. Although after years of doing sessions, these hopes are faint.

Still, I am excited.


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