Holy Day 

I was almost skipping as I left office at 3AM on Monday night / Tuesday morning. I was definitely humming a song. And I even stayed back for 15 minutes more to fold N a rose because I felt bad for not having a proper handover list to give her (though I’m sure she was perfectly happy with that). I did email and whatsapp her to wish her a Blessed Ramadan though.

The body clock and/or the sun got me up around 8, despite my attempts to continue rolling around in bed. And with the departure of slumber came the arrival of this extraordinary lightness of freedom, of being, of toil-lessness. It was with such fleetness and fleetingness that I went about the day.

I’ll do this in chronological order then. It has been a while since I’ve done this.

In the morning, I surfed the net, watched a couple of TEDtalks, and searched and downloaded books and audiobooks for my trip. The I met my sister for lunch at Paradise Dynasty.

In the afternoon, I did some travel shopping, watched Terminator Genysis, then went for ado and evening mass.

As I sat in ado, I just revelled in God’s presence in the slowness of the day. And I thought to myself: wow I am in some state of holiness today sia. Then I laughed at that. This was not me. I am in no way this holy. (For the avoidance of doubt, this is not some clumsy attempt to be falsely humble.) So this can only be grace. This can only be Him.

I am looking forward very much to more slow holy days ahead. 

The night is darkest just before the dawn. #taize #callbreak #andherewego


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