First, Friends, Festival

(Note on title: When in doubt, alliterate.)

Personal update and pictures! Let’s go (in chronological order).

(1) Catchup Conversations
‘Nuff said.

Also, this #ilovesg picture:


(2) Level 9
Without subs, without bundles, without locus, I appeared on my own before a JA on Friday. I used to be but am no longer on this file; I agreed to be the sacrificial lamb because no one else could attend the hearing. I assumed it would be an AR hearing the matter.

I mean, come on, I have not even appeared before a HC judge on my own before. And this was a criminal motion; I have touched (not even completed) a grand total of one criminal file. In the State Courts. To add to my insecurities, three out of four (why are there so many in the first place O.o) JLCs were my batchmates.

So I got scolded, had to apologise profusely, and opened the wrong door on my way out and almost walked into the JA’s judging area. Only the court bailiff’s quick reaction to pull me back saved me from death by utter embarrassment.

But, and this is a really big ‘but’, we got what we wanted. And I thought I held my own, in the circumstances. Though the JA and his JLCs probably didn’t think so; not that it should matter (though it still does), since I’m leaving practice.

On that note, this:



(3) No. 1 Whiskey
Even if I don’t like hard liquor, I felt I could breathe fire after a shot of this:


TGIF! But everybody is leaving before me =(

(4) Twenty-three

Note to self: to make up this coming Thursday.

(5) Night Festival
This is my first Night Festival. It was such a riot.

Here are some black-and-white photos. Imagine the colours.





Also, ‘transboundary aquifers’ is the absurdest common conversation topic with the unlikeliest person.

(6) Call
I’m glad I went down. Even if I was trying to avoid the aforesaid JA. But zomg Uncle E is so bigshot that the JA came over to talk to him and take photo with his entire family (groans). I slid out of the picture swiftly, before I could make an even worse impression on him with my t-shirt and jeans.



[post-edit(7) Chillin’ with the Loggers
Hipster pic ftw.



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