The Plane at the Edge of the World



Legend has it, that in another world, the last remnants of humanity were escaping a zombie apocalypse on this airplane. The survivors flew so close to the edge of their world that they crash landed into ours. This wreckage is all that is left of them now, and anyone who approaches it risks becoming a zombie in this world.



When Iceland was on the brink of becoming civilised, the old gods made war against the new gods. The battle lasted three days and three nights, in the minds of men and the seasons of the year. When the battle ended, the gods of fire and ice had imprisoned all the new gods (except the god of wi-fi) beneath Eyjafjallajökull, where they still rage in defeat till today. This plane had been Pollution’s final weapon, which Nature ravaged so completely that it has become today more a part of the old world than the new.



There is a saying, that if a thing is abandoned for long enough, that thing changes its nature – not completely though, just subtly, slyly. No one knows exactly when or how this plane was abandoned, but it was long ago enough that, instead of being a transit between places, this plane has become a transit between worlds.



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