About Mel

Hello. My name is Melvyn. People call me ‘Mel’. Some people call me ‘Melmel’, but they are some people. I have parents, an elder brother, an eldest sister, a helper (who has worked with us for 16 years), and 3 golden retrievers. Brilliant is temperamental and is afraid of thunder; Candy is obsessed with lizards and loves riding cars; Max gets carsick, has ADHD, and is overly fat. I love my dogs. I occasionally wish I own a Night Fury though.

I believe in God. It happened in layers. But it began when I reached the crossroads between orthodoxy and hedonism one night. No bright lights, no booming voice. I just sat on the wooden floor in front of a small tabernacle – and I chose the more romantic, more perilous, more exciting path: I chose God. Since then, everything – even the grit and the grime (because we’re neither idealists nor puritans) – has pretty much fallen into place. And because of that, I’m (still) Catholic.

So I try to live my life according to His will. I try to love Him and see Him in everything I do. I try to love my neighbor. The keyword there is try. In a spirit of hope, I shall say that the keyword there is love.

I’m 23 this year (2012). It’s that precious phase of life when I’m old enough to be independent but young enough to be free. Sometimes I think it’s the busiest I’ve ever been; other times I think it’s the most exciting. That’s why I frequently whine about there not being enough hours in a day.

I love reading and watching movies – though I’m picky. My favorite author is Neil Gaiman; my favorite director is Christopher Nolan. I hope to meet them one day. I like to write too. But my muse is whimsical. My ideas come to me at the most inconvenient times. So I always try to carry with me something to write or type with. Plus I rarely leave house without a book. Books are too useful – to avoid awkward social situations, maximize waiting time and escape from mundanity. Thus, my backpack. It makes me look a bit un-cool sometimes, but for someone who prizes comfort enough to wear t-shirt & shorts to law school, I’m not really bothered. I like to think I can dress up well if I need to (though my siblings and some friends wouldn’t agree).

Yup, I study Law at NUS. It’s an awesome course and NUS is an awesome place to study it. Being a lawyer isn’t my dream job, but it’s close enough. That suffices for now. My first dream job (when I was 6?) was to be a paleontologist. My second was to be a marine biologist. My current dream job is to be a graphic novelist, though I’d be perfectly content with being just a novelist. It seems more plausible than a chocolate cake seller anyway.

I am an INFJ. The type description on most pages says that it’s the rarest type (rarer still in guys), which makes the individualistic side of me swoon. But you don’t really need to know that. What you do need to know is that I’m not an easy person to make friends with. I’m not a very social person. Parties drain me. Crowds irritate me. Noise irks me. But don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t like people; on the contrary, I like people too much to engage in small talk.

And so the other important things in my life are my close friends and my community (Leaven of God). I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. I won’t be where I will be tomorrow without them. So yes, they’re here to stay.

I always thought that these description-type-introductions were too pretentious to be written seriously. So I write this with as little gravitas as I can. After all, people change, and writers lie. (But lawyers tell the truth.)


Dated this 23rd March 2012.


14 thoughts on “About Mel

  1. i laughed when i read “but lawyers tell the truth”. this description-type-introduction is one of my favourites so far!

  2. Now this the most awesome “INTRO” I’ve ever read in my life..:) I did’nt even yawn once..believe you me. Keep forging ahead…keep your faith to the end :)

  3. Hey Mel, I was searching online on how to get a hold of a copy of ‘welcome back, Mr.Mcdonald’ when I came across your preview. I tried ordering online, but the only ones I get is from a Japanese website. My question to you is that did you get your copy online or……? Appreciate if you can drop me a line…
    I saw the movie way back in 1998 and was hoping to watch it again…thanks

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