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How one priest built a system of belonging for abandoned children (A condensed version of this post was first published in our parish bulletin The Manna, and a full version was published on our parish website.)  “NBS is my alma mater. I grew up there.” This is Raymond, the 22-year-old boy on the right. Cyril is […]

(This is a photo-essay. But I’m not good at web development, so there’s no fancy formatting. Do give some time for the pictures to load. Cheers.) On 2 May 2008, the Cyclone Nargis slammed into the Irrawaddy delta in Myanmar. IFRC reported the official death toll as 84,500 with 53,800 missing. Wikipedia is less conservative, […]

1. Explore the marine life South-East Asia is a diving hotspot, and divers have recognised the Philippines as one of the world’s best macro diving locations. Whether you are looking for shipwrecks or whale sharks, the archipelago will not disappoint even the most intrepid of divers. Be sure to check out Apo Reef for their […]

Journey to Thongwa Thongwa is a rural township, located two hours by car from the heart of Yangon. You cannot find Thongwa on Lonely Planet. I arrived in Myanmar on Saturday; I leave for Thongwa the next day. Once we finally get out of the jam-packed roads of Yangon, we drive past swathes of land. […]

Apart from what I have already written on Bonjournal, there are many things to remember about this trip. Here are some lists. Things that I have levelled up in 1. No check-in luggage for winter travel I managed to pack everything into a carry-on backpack and a laptop case. And I survived the cold quite well! The […]

One Legend has it, that in another world, the last remnants of humanity were escaping a zombie apocalypse on this airplane. The survivors flew so close to the edge of their world that they crash landed into ours. This wreckage is all that is left of them now, and anyone who approaches it risks becoming […]