“I had always felt life first as a story: and if there is a story there is a story-teller.”

– GK Chesterton, Orthodoxy

Words: 300
Date: 21/12/12
Summary: Death sets out on his pink pony during the End of the World.

Words: 2.8k
Date: 29/12/10

The Emperor’s New Clothes (Extended)
Words: 500
Date: 12/12/10
Summary: What happens after the boy has pointed out that the Emperor has no clothes on.

Fresh Meat
Words: 2k
Date: 16/11/11 – Submitted for Maruah writing competition: ‘What does human rights mean to me?’
Summary: A museum curator receives a remnant of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and reminisces about the old days before the animals all disappeared.

Words: 1.4k
Date: 2/4/12
Summary: A short depiction of what Joseph went through when he had his dreams.

The Princess’ Tears
Words: 2.2k
Date: 29/12/10
Summary: A pretty dark fairytale about a princess who has tears that can heal wounds.

Where Angels Rest
Words: 600
Date: 1/3/12
Summary: A short vignette about a nice inn and its owner.


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