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Eyes of wonder, smile of gold
Bursts of starlight in your soul
Dreams you’ll find worth waiting for
These I wish for you, and a little bit more


(N.B.: Full Metal Alchemist spoilers alert.) I identify with Greed in Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherhood). FMA Wikia states that Greed wants all that life has to offer “because Greed didn’t [know] exactly what he wanted, which fuels his desire to have it all.” I, also, don’t know what I want. I want both the hearth of […]

[Amended as deleted and underlined in red on 24 Feb 2016, pursuant to (1) Fr D’s departure for further studies and (2) my participation in a CBN retreat activity coupled with reading Boss’ recommendation of Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado.] There is nothing quite like the faces we see once a year […]

Dearest Melvyn. Always work hard and be honest in life. Help the less fortunate. Wishing you sucess in your future. God bless you always. Love Mum + Dad I can imagine a Disney fairytale opening with advice like this. Many people have asked me how it feels like to be called. I tell them that, […]

The cynical side winks, knowing smirks, throwback references and dead-pan jokes that are hallmarks of post-modern culture are being ever so politely nudged aside by an emerging re-appreciation of old-fashioned sincerity and the pleasures of simply playing it straight… No dark themes or disturbing notions. No blatant attempts at inserting a mega dose of girlish […]

She stared out at the window as I drove. She sat at the front passenger seat beside me, accompanying me to pick Dad.  The raindrops pitterpattered across the glass in a light drizzle. I called her name – under my breath at first, just to feel the sound of her name rolling off my tongue. And then […]