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Director: Alfonso Cuarón Overall Rating: 8/10 It is a testament to the whims of life (or the power of pop culture) that one week after Gravity is out, I have to watch it alone; as for Thor, the show isn’t even released and I have two appointments already. I must have been quite a nerdy sight […]

We didn’t make it through the prelims. We didn’t clinch any prize. I’m disappointed, of course. Less with myself and the team’s performance. I think we put up a good show. But more with letting our coaches and NUS’s illustrious history in the Space Moots down. The Applicant round (Kristi & I) went unquestioned all the […]

“Space, the final frontier… to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.” – Star Trek opening lines I have never wanted to be an astronaut. I doubt I will ever want to. (Honestly, isn’t Woody so much cooler than Buzz?) From […]

It seems strange that I have come to chafe and to resent so much what I once thought I wanted more than anything else in the world. And it’s sad that ‘ILP’ has become the biggest tag in my tagcloud. I woke up today feeling so sian and so alone that I wondered why I ever […]

**Watch the spoken word video.** (to be read aloud) In the Beginning, God created the World. He separated the Heavens from the Earth and the vast expanse of in-between, we call it Space. Eternity and infinity resides in the emptiness of Space. So do Asgard and astronauts for that matter. Outer Space. The final frontier […]

Lest this space become an ILP-space-blog, let me write a personal update. When we went as a family to Melben a few months ago, we ate two crabs. One was a Simmering Sands crab; the other was crab soup beehoon. They were rapturously delicious. I had a silly grin on my face after dinner. That’s […]

We left school at 11.30PM the night before our memo was due. We received comments at 6.30PM; I skipped my evening class. I told Soo not to count on having transport back after class, which ended at 9.30PM. He didn’t. I sent my teammate back after we left school. Then I made my way home […]