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Today was the last class of our Ikoma Basic Term. And I won’t be continuing on to Intermediate. I figured I needed more time to myself. Plus the fact that intensives take up 3 nights a week, and with Sojourn too, I’d be pretty maxed out. I’m really gian to drop Jap cos I’m scared of losing it […]

At wakes, people say things that the departed used to say, to immortalize them in the memories of others. So now that our holiday has passed and gone, we too will share what has been said. If not for immortality, then at least for hilarity. *Mel passes Soo two boxes of disposable underwear* Mel: “Nah. […]

Another day in the big city. We did more city-stuff though i.e. we shopped. And walked around the streets. So good thing I brought along the most important item that I must have with me whenever I go shopping – my book. Here’s quite an epic shot taken while waiting for the girls outside Forever […]

Tokyo station is an interchange between 5 train lines. At non-peak hours, the crowd is confusing. At peak hours, the crowd is suffocating. At 10.30PM, I cannot tell whether it is still peak hours or not. And Tokyo station is not even the busiest interchange. In the early evenings, an army of office-workers dressed in […]

Fri 6.45PM: An old Japanese man talks to us in the train station waiting room. He has crooked teeth, does not wear glasses and speaks quite decent English. He tells us he is an international snowboarding coach. Perhaps he really is. Fri 7.55PM: It costs 10 yen to use the payphone to call the hostel […]

Tourist Privilege Definition: the shamelessness that a tourist is entitled to have by virtue of the fact that he is a foreigner. A tourist can thus claim that he is unaware of the local customs, beliefs and etiquette, and is entitled to a strong presumption of ignorance to which any accusations of rudeness, unglamness or […]