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(continued from Part 1: Reminiscence) Why do I feel so incomplete and so unfulfilled? Why am I not doing what I love? (And I am not even talking about theatre specifically.) Or perhaps the question that I should first ask is – do I not love what I do? There are moments when I think […]

Watching Law IV yesterday brought back such a wave of nostalgia. I miss it all – the acting, the singing, the spotlights, the photoshoot, the curtain call, the backstage anxiety, the pre-show adrenaline rush. It is easy to dismiss the attractions of the stage as narcissistic. There is fame, glamour, and spectacularity. There is busyness, […]

This is long overdue, and there are too many people to thank, and too many things to thank them for. So here’s a token mention to all of you who made this what it was for me. This hardly does justice to you.

In time, these memories will crystallise into a milestone in my past that I will reminisce on in nostalgia and fond longing – like Japan, WYD and SOW – golden ages to be revisited again and again. Then I will sigh and get back to the daily grind. Perhaps such memories will spark yet another […]

All this work, and tomorrow’s the day…¬†there’ll be no change this time.¬† Tomorrow marks the beginning of the end. I wonder if it will be the end of a beginning. Only time will tell I guess. Meanwhile, there’s school to catch up on, assignment deadlines to worry about, belated (and forgotten) birthdays to celebrate, friends […]

There are too many ways to write this post. I have started and stopped 5 previous drafts. The other reason for my reticence is that I am all too conscious of new readers. Plus Playwriting is exhausting my capacity for writing. But these thoughts have remained unarticulated and unshared for too long. So here we […]