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Here’s another life-update post. I don’t like writing this type of posts because they are self-indulgent. There’s no point that I am making, no art that I am creating, no heart that I am reaching.┬áBut my vanity bows to the wisdom and necessity of journaling – be it for reflection or for record. And my […]

This is a good year for milestones. It’s only July, and already, I have performed in a musical (bucket list item), written a full length play, got my only A in uni (for a non-lawmod; what does that indicate huh), written and co-directed a musical (albeit an amateur one), traveled solo, graduated with an LLB, […]

This condensed reflection is the result of procrastination, exams and other deadlines. Mostly the former. Without further ado: Monday-Tuesday Exam mode full-on. I mugged in the SPP and churned out my Human Rights One-Week-Exam Essays. That was rather intense. Being on exam-mode does quite a lot of wonders for me. It is my excuse to […]

In time, these memories will crystallise into a milestone in my past that I will reminisce on in nostalgia and fond longing – like Japan, WYD and SOW – golden ages to be revisited again and again. Then I will sigh and get back to the daily grind. Perhaps such memories will spark yet another […]

There are too many ways to write this post. I have started and stopped 5 previous drafts. The other reason for my reticence is that I am all too conscious of new readers. Plus Playwriting is exhausting my capacity for writing. But these thoughts have remained unarticulated and unshared for too long. So here we […]

It’s been a year since Jon passed. How time flies. So much of that Saturday is still fresh in my memories – reaching for my phone after waking up and staring at it, sleepily at first, then incredulously; the unenviable task of calling people to tell them about it; Jess’ “huh you’re kidding”; that awkward […]

I am utterly exhausted. My first rehearsal on Monday was a 4-hour slot with just three people – my director, my co-star and me (lawl). It was quite immensely fun. But when I got to the car after rehearsal, alone in my private mobile bubble (which is what I most value about a car sometimes) […]