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(Note to readers: I have inserted many links to my SOW private journal. These journal entries are inaccessible to the public.) On the second day of SOW, I crystallised four issues1 that I wanted to and thought that I would grapple with, and maybe resolve,2 during SOW. This is my post-SOW reflection; I’ll traverse each issue […]

(Note on title: When in doubt, alliterate.) Personal update and pictures! Let’s go (in chronological order). (1) Catchup Conversations ‘Nuff said. Also, this #ilovesg picture: (2) Level 9 Without subs, without bundles, without locus, I appeared on my own before a JA on Friday. I used to be but am no longer on this file; […]

Dearest Melvyn. Always work hard and be honest in life. Help the less fortunate. Wishing you sucess in your future. God bless you always. Love Mum + Dad I can imagine a Disney fairytale opening with advice like this. Many people have asked me how it feels like to be called. I tell them that, […]

Foreword: My Call Break Trip was first and foremost a retreat. I expected a simple week of prayer and peace in Taize. I did not expect to be plunged so deeply into reflection and revelation. This post captures the entirety of my latest angst-arc, which (hopefully) ended with and in Taize. On that note, I apologise […]

On the Romance of Unbelonging, the Sabbath of Work-Life, and the Slowness of Love In another life, I would be a dancer. I would come alive – physically, spiritually, passionately. Then I would retreat to a solitary haven for my soul to find its sabbath. I would ponder about life and about God. I would […]

Auri felt small. Not the smallness that she strove for every day. Not the smallness of a tree among trees. Of a shadow underground. And not just small of body either… She felt… less. She felt tamped down. Dim. More faint. Feint. Feigned. Fain. – Patrick Rothfuss, The Slow Regard of Silent Things ‘Fain’ is one […]

Around two months ago, I stayed back to finish submissions for a hearing the next day. It was also the night I had planned to run home for that week. By 11PM, my drowsiness had overtaken my productivity, and I decided to leave. I stuck to my plan to run, got exhausted at Potong Pasir, took […]