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Memories get embedded in songs. For me, Michael Buble’s Everything reminds me of existential MSN conversations that my secondary school friends and I had while waiting for DOTA to begin. Hillsong’s Sinking Deep recalls my struggle to immerse myself in God’s presence as I walked from Bras Basah MRT to Fortune Centre before the deluge […]

Background Facts leading up to the Lenten Discernment I still remember being excited to start work when I was in Part B. I remember thinking to myself that I would finally be doing some real work (as opposed to academic work), and be able to make a real difference. But I realise also how early it was that I had begun […]

(Retrieved on 26 March 2016 from the Vatican website.) What is happening? Today there is a great silence over the earth, a great silence, and stillness, a great silence because the King sleeps; the earth was in terror and was still, because God slept in the flesh and raised up those who were sleeping from […]

(1) I will apply to the Geneva Academy to do a Masters in Transitional Justice next year. Applications open in December 2016. The term begins in (or around) August 2017. (2) I will tell Boss about (1) after Easter. I will also tell him that I wish to leave ASAP, but I will stay until he […]

(This post is far from the convergent analysis that I thought it would / should be. I guess I’ll save the Grounds of Decision for my penultimate post.) List of PCRF N.B.: Commentary added in blue. Principal considerations highlighted in yellow. List of Mesa Moments P.S. I realise that my letter to God I wrote last […]

Preamble At the CBN retreat on Sat 20 Feb, we did an interesting variant of the Stepping Stones activity. Instead of reflecting on significant points / themes in our life, we were supposed to remember moments (“Mesa Moments“) when what we were doing had made us come alive – we had enjoyed ourselves, it had not felt like […]

Some caveats: (1) The two lists should be read cumulatively. (2) The two lists should not be read in a quantitative way. I have merely brainstormed as many pros / cons / reasons / fears as possible. The qualitative analysis – whether and to what extent each point is valid – will come in the next few weeks. (3) […]