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(Note to readers: I have inserted many links to my SOW private journal. These journal entries are inaccessible to the public.) On the second day of SOW, I crystallised four issues1 that I wanted to and thought that I would grapple with, and maybe resolve,2 during SOW. This is my post-SOW reflection; I’ll traverse each issue […]

This post has two parts. Part I extols Ursula as a classic Disney villain, and argues that Ursula’s machinations cannot be confined to a simplistic hero-villain dichtomy. Part II replies to an Article, and argues that the contract between Ursula and Ariel is legally enforceable.  Disney’s The Little Mermaid (1989) was one of those movies that my […]

(*spoilers alert*) Director: Byron Howard and Rich Moore Rating: 8/10 In 2012, Wreck-it Ralph protagonised a video game villain. In 2013, Frozen happily-ever-aftered via self-sacrifice (as opposed to true love’s kiss). In 2014, Big Hero 6 adorned a fat plushie into an armoured warrior. Since its slew of sexualised princesses and shallow princes (which I unabashedly confess that I was a sucker for), Disney […]

On why Independence Day: Resurgence sucked, why I watched it, and why I watched it alone (not in that order) (*spoilers alert*) Director: Roland Emmerich Rating: 3/10 One could argue that the original Independence Day (1996) redefined the blockbuster and heralded the Catastrophe genre. Since the film’s vaporisation of the White House, destroying global landmarks have […]

Rating: 7/10 Rachel McAdams is the girl that guys travel in time for. But that is not surprising: when you are mean and hot, even Robert Downey Jr is going to chase you. But enough of the girl, let us talk about the guy. Domhnall Gleeson, son of Brendan Gleeson, was absolutely charming in his […]

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien My rating: 5 of 5 stars The first time I read LOTR was in Primary school. Back then, my key takeaway was the pride of finishing a piece of proper literature. I don’t think I even knew how legit it was, until a 16-year-old family friend (as […]

My first week back at work was a 7-day work week. And Boss had gone for reservist on Tuesday. The day I came back, he told me that he had suffered. But I think I must suffer more for working without him, than he had suffered for working without me. He only had to descend […]