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(Note to readers: I have inserted many links to my SOW private journal. These journal entries are inaccessible to the public.) On the second day of SOW, I crystallised four issues1 that I wanted to and thought that I would grapple with, and maybe resolve,2 during SOW. This is my post-SOW reflection; I’ll traverse each issue […]

I heard in a homily recently that ‘advent’ is the beginning of ‘adventure’. And these are exciting times I guess. I had hoped that I could essayify this personal update in the pretentious way that I do sometimes, but events are racing forward too quickly. Already, I have left for my Iceland-Denmark trip (in fact, […]

(Note on title: When in doubt, alliterate.) Personal update and pictures! Let’s go (in chronological order). (1) Catchup Conversations ‘Nuff said. Also, this #ilovesg picture: (2) Level 9 Without subs, without bundles, without locus, I appeared on my own before a JA on Friday. I used to be but am no longer on this file; […]

“Who journeys with you? Like, who checks up on you nowadays?” A asked. I mentioned two names. I felt a stab of loneliness and resentment, thinking about the names that I did not mention. But another thought swiftly countered such neediness: just as well, since I might potentially be leaving all this behind if I pursue Option 1A to its […]

Here are the 4 options I have crystallised: 1.   Leave CLLC to: (A) Apply to Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights;  (B) Become a teacher (NIE or Independent Schools); 2.   Stay in CLLC to: (A) Grow in practice and become a partner; (B) Wait-and-see for the next discernment phase. The discernment […]