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“Today is Thursday, the nineteenth of November, in the thirty-third week of Ordinary Time.” On most weekday mornings, I have the same routine. As I get ready to leave the house, I connect my earphones. Once I reach the straight road leading to Kovan MRT, I plug in, and start a tackily-named app Pray As […]

Dear God, Fr Jude penanced me to write a letter to you. The theme is: your dreams for me. At that moment in the confessional, I caught a glimpse of vast forgotten longings, and I choked up a little. Writing about your dreams for me presupposes I know what those dreams are. But I don’t; […]

I began by confessing the big sins, the deadly sins. Then I moved on to the ‘softer’, more intangible, more devious sins. Sins that did not fit so easily into defined categories. Sins that seemed more excusable. Halfway through sharing about my preoccupations and frustrations with work and my corresponding disappointment with God, my voice […]

I told my sister I was angry with God. But when I sat down in ado to talk to God properly for the first time since the accident, I realise I wasn’t really angry. I was disappointed. I was resigned. Because I know that my questions will remain unanswered, the ‘signs’ I receive will remain […]

Here’s another life-update post. I don’t like writing this type of posts because they are self-indulgent. There’s no point that I am making, no art that I am creating, no heart that I am reaching. But my vanity bows to the wisdom and necessity of journaling – be it for reflection or for record. And my […]

The day I wrote the Commencement Magazine Article was a wonderful writing day. Or at least, the day was wonderful, even if the writing was not. I wandered around in Marina Square, and found a nice long counter-ish tabletop in St Marc Cafe, where I spent the entire afternoon writing. I was a little disappointed […]