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Also: Book of Mormon, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal  It’s been a while since I did a diary-post. I had become too elitist for chronological recounts. But the awesomeness of today is worth being humble. The day had a pretty slow start. I languished in bed after replying texts regarding results, then dragged myself for a […]

There used to be a time when I thought to myself, if I just had one superpower – something cool like telekinesis or teleportation or telepathy or tele-someotherthing – I’d be perfectly happy and wouldn’t ask God for anything else in the world ever again. What happened to make my prayers so much more prosaic? Law School ‘Growing […]

… begins with Mass and prayer. It continues with a breakfast theological discussion about the Last Things at Macs. Then it has a little boardgaming. A Good Day has an afternoon of running around. A Perfect Day has an afternoon of running around in the rain, getting completely soaked and sliding in the mud to […]

LOOK WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL :D Ok so I went a little overboard with bookdepository.com. But I was bored :/ And I’m suffering from fiction-withdrawal. Which makes my book-buying-senses tingle. (Don’t ask me why my fiction-withdrawal led to buy even more non-fiction books ._.) UGH must get through this research-paper-week first.

This holiday has been awesome. I’ve read 8 books, watched 13 movies, written 5101 words and played too many hours of DotA. I’ve watched a movie on my own, cafe-hopped (and found a regular one to haunt), and been for many spontaneous ados. I told Simeon earlier this year that I envied his lifestyle. I […]