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A question like ‘Why should I go for SOW?’ does not admit of a simple answer.


There are times that I wonder whether my faith is real or whether it is all just in my head. I wonder whether I really believe the great insights I preach or the grand truths I proclaim. I wonder if my relationship with God is real.

Tb to LOG retreat 2012, when all of us delivered our testimonies to each other.

“It’s strange. I’ve given testimonies almost four times already. Yet each time, my testimony is somewhat different.”

I remember how LOG began. On 12 September 2004, our batch met up the day after Confirmation. We sat in a big circle, with Youth Works (as they were then, now MSC) facilitating our discussion. Everyone was excited, everyone was on fire. But the discussion was going nowhere. Someone stood up then and took charge. […]

Hobbes: Look, it says you have to be eighteen to buy cigarettes. Calvin: EIGHTEEN?!? By then I’ll know better! During this year’s Sec 4 Retreat, the Sec 4s opened a letter that they had written to themselves nine months ago on the last day of their Sec 3 Camp 2015. I was eager to know […]

1.   Caged I like the adventures because you know that when they say, “I’ve got a plan,” and then they tell you, you know it’s not going to work. And when they say, “I’ve got a plan,” and they don’t tell you, you know it is going to work, and it’s all very exciting. I […]

It is not physical beauty nor temporal glory nor the brightness of light dear to earthly eyes, nor the sweet melodies of all kinds of songs, nor the gentle odor of flowers, and ointments and perfumes, nor manna or honey, nor limbs welcoming the embraces of the flesh; it is not these I love when […]