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8AM: I enter office with my running shoes. I plan to have an early dinner before 6pm, attend Mass at 6.30pm, leave office around 8.30pm, and run home. 4PM: My client meeting begins. 6.10PM: I am still in my client meeting. My mum texts me to ask if I want to join her for dinner in […]

Around two months ago, I stayed back to finish submissions for a hearing the next day. It was also the night I had planned to run home for that week. By 11PM, my drowsiness had overtaken my productivity, and I decided to leave. I stuck to my plan to run, got exhausted at Potong Pasir, took […]

Spirit’s End by Rachel Aaron My rating: 4 of 5 stars I encountered this series first as an audiobook; listening to it while marathon training force fed me hours of Eli’s patter at a go. Otherwise, I might have summarily rejected the mediocre characters and the less-than-epic world earlier on. Nevertheless, the magic system is […]

I stayed at my sister’s place at Punggol from Friday to Monday. My BIL and she went overseas, so I went over to take care of Bentley. Punggol, though near the East and lying on the NEL, is still at the edge of Singapore. That makes it farther from everything else. If I did not have my full-Saturday […]

I’m ready to articulate yet another of my greatest regrets in my life: not running for student conductor during my JC band years. I make up for it now by conducting while I run. I ran to a Pirates of the Caribbean orchestral mix that day. It was a wonderful medley of favourite themes from the soundtrack. […]

Gasps. I wonder if exercise is becoming my new opiate. Because where even Arabian myths [1] cannot quell the tremors of the heart, a night run does. Or maybe exercise just exhausts it. That’s quite possible, considering my cui fitness. But really. Me? Exercise? Laughs. But yes. I’ve been restless. I thought the rosary novena […]