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(Note to readers: I have inserted many links to my SOW private journal. These journal entries are inaccessible to the public.) On the second day of SOW, I crystallised four issues1 that I wanted to and thought that I would grapple with, and maybe resolve,2 during SOW. This is my post-SOW reflection; I’ll traverse each issue […]

Foreword: My Call Break Trip was first and foremost a retreat. I expected a simple week of prayer and peace in Taize. I did not expect to be plunged so deeply into reflection and revelation. This post captures the entirety of my latest angst-arc, which (hopefully) ended with and in Taize. On that note, I apologise […]

This is a good year for milestones. It’s only July, and already, I have performed in a musical (bucket list item), written a full length play, got my only A in uni (for a non-lawmod; what does that indicate huh), written and co-directed a musical (albeit an amateur one), traveled solo, graduated with an LLB, […]

So it’s Sunday night. Less than two days before my 8-cred Evidence paper, my LSC interview, and my Switzerland trip. I have not completed preparations for any of them. And I’ve just watched Rise of the Guardians – a movie about childhood: wonder, hope, memories, dreams and fun. So actually, it is totally apt that […]

Ask a sign of the Lord your God; let it be deep as Sheol or high as heaven. – Isaiah 7:11 I need to sleep. I need to blog. I need to sleep. I need to blog. I need to sleep. I need to blog. There are times that God puts signs in our lives but […]