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“Are you apprehensive?” S asked.  “No,” I answered. “Just very… aware.”  _____________________________________ A Clockwork Orange was not as enjoyable as I hoped it would be. In the novel, Nadsat was a philological genius: inter alia, it masterfully demonstrated that connotative abstraction without denotative specification was sufficient for reader comprehension. But as a spoken argot (coupled with […]

Never the Sinner by John Logan My rating: 4 of 5 stars Loeb and Leopold have always been the stuff of drama – here is the epitome of reality being stranger than fiction. And John Logan has captured this drama wonderfully. The penultimate scene – wherein the teenage criminal masterminds finally reveal their insecurities – […]

Watching Law IV yesterday brought back such a wave of nostalgia. I miss it all – the acting, the singing, the spotlights, the photoshoot, the curtain call, the backstage anxiety, the pre-show adrenaline rush. It is easy to dismiss the attractions of the stage as narcissistic. There is fame, glamour, and spectacularity. There is busyness, […]

This is a good year for milestones. It’s only July, and already, I have performed in a musical (bucket list item), written a full length play, got my only A in uni (for a non-lawmod; what does that indicate huh), written and co-directed a musical (albeit an amateur one), traveled solo, graduated with an LLB, […]

The other experience that made my London trip epic, apart from my Neverwhere Tour, was watching a West End show every night (except Sunday). They seriously hit the wallet, plus I had to sac all other nightlives; but it was well worth it. **Some spoilers ahead. Not too many. Let The Right One In Let The […]