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In the Catholic Church of Singapore, same sex attraction (SSA) seems to be theoretical. Catholics in Singapore! (Unofficial guide)1 argue about repealing Section 377A, catechists cite (with ambivalence) Pope Francis’ media spectacles, the Archbishop’s Office preaches a defensible but also unspecific personalistic norm.2 For the rest of us, even weighing in on the Pink Dot vs […]

“Are you apprehensive?” S asked.  “No,” I answered. “Just very… aware.”  _____________________________________ A Clockwork Orange was not as enjoyable as I hoped it would be. In the novel, Nadsat was a philological genius: inter alia, it masterfully demonstrated that connotative abstraction without denotative specification was sufficient for reader comprehension. But as a spoken argot (coupled with […]

Never the Sinner by John Logan My rating: 4 of 5 stars Loeb and Leopold have always been the stuff of drama – here is the epitome of reality being stranger than fiction. And John Logan has captured this drama wonderfully. The penultimate scene – wherein the teenage criminal masterminds finally reveal their insecurities – […]

Watching Law IV yesterday brought back such a wave of nostalgia. I miss it all – the acting, the singing, the spotlights, the photoshoot, the curtain call, the backstage anxiety, the pre-show adrenaline rush. It is easy to dismiss the attractions of the stage as narcissistic. There is fame, glamour, and spectacularity. There is busyness, […]

This is a good year for milestones. It’s only July, and already, I have performed in a musical (bucket list item), written a full length play, got my only A in uni (for a non-lawmod; what does that indicate huh), written and co-directed a musical (albeit an amateur one), traveled solo, graduated with an LLB, […]