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I took my last 2 days of call break some weeks ago. On my first day, I ran all my errands, one of which was to open a new joint bank account with my mum. I wore my RJ shorts, the psychedelic oversized tie-dye t-shirt that S gave me, and slippers. The banker that spoke to us […]

I praise God for the first combined Catechism session that I did today. It was a session on ‘Finding God in the Holidays‘. I made 3 points: Thin places are places that heaven and earth come closer; We stumble upon thin places by being humble; and The space before the Eucharist is the thinnest place. […]

I dislike the distinction between being a tourist and being a pilgrim. It ignores the crucial similarity in mindset that all travellers (learn to) have: we seek out thin places. We seek out the places that inspire us and take our breaths, that fill us with awe and wonder. We seek out the places “where the distance […]

To brush the flipper of a creature; To see the face of a Creator. ‘A whale of a time’ suggests something frivolous, like a party or a theme park. There was none of that in the whales that we encountered. There was only grace, majesty, and power. There was sublimity. The calf was about 6m […]

It is not physical beauty nor temporal glory nor the brightness of light dear to earthly eyes, nor the sweet melodies of all kinds of songs, nor the gentle odor of flowers, and ointments and perfumes, nor manna or honey, nor limbs welcoming the embraces of the flesh; it is not these I love when […]

After 2hours and 2000JPY (S$25) of bus rides, we finally arrived at Nago and its famous Aquarium. It was like arriving in a dream. Nago’s Aquarium is epic. It has whale sharks – three of them. You can dine next to them and get the oh-hello-there feeling everytime they pop up next to you. It […]