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If you asked random people on the street, they would be hard pressed to name a job that requires them to be more two-faced than lawyers. But I seem to have stumbled upon one.

First, this work seems too worldly. Second, I am skirting the Machiavellian. Third, I don’t buy into the Westphalian order.

I heard in a homily recently that ‘advent’ is the beginning of ‘adventure’. And these are exciting times I guess. I had hoped that I could essayify this personal update in the pretentious way that I do sometimes, but events are racing forward too quickly. Already, I have left for my Iceland-Denmark trip (in fact, […]

Background Facts leading up to the Lenten Discernment I still remember being excited to start work when I was in Part B. I remember thinking to myself that I would finally be doing some real work (as opposed to academic work), and be able to make a real difference. But I realise also how early it was that I had begun […]